Frequently Asked Questions

Payment options

We accept payment through PayPal, Direct Money Transfer, and Cheque (UK only) and all prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling £ unless requested otherwise; we reserve the right to change listed prices without notice.

Return Policy

We operate a policy in accordance with “EU distance selling directive” and UK Trading Standards. For “stock” items we offer a 14 day return policy – provided that the items are returned as “new” – with options for replacement and refund (excluding postage). Please contact us ASAP when making a return.

Exceptions – “Goods made to customer’s specifications”

We do request that customers provide accurate measurements (inches or cms) with details of the required fitting, and we will always be willing to make alterations should they be necessary.

Please examine the goods carefully on arrival and contact us if anything is not in accordance with your requests. Our main concern is to ensure “customer satisfsaction” and we will provide a follow-up service, doing our best to meet any customer concerns.

What about Privacy?

Regarding postage, we send all packages “plain wrapped, by signed for service” and email customers with tracking/ID number and details of when to expect delivery.

Data & User Privacy

We do not pass your contact details to any “third parties” and will not contact you without your approval unless in response to your email enquiry or follow-up to a current order.

Measurements are usually retained in case you should want to repeat an order, or request another item, though new measurements may be required depending on the situation.


Here you can find the head measurements chart to download, fill in and send via email or in your order form.


Here are instead the full body measurements, which require the same procedure as the head measurements.

Rubber Care

We make a variety for latex rubber products from sheet latex rubber supplied from – for more details about their material please refer to the site listed.

The latex rubber that we use is remarkable for its strength, smooth texture and ability to stretch – to retain these features it is good to observe the following points:

  • Avoid exposure to heat, direct sunlight or prolonged moisture.
  • Store in a cool dark place and keep your colors separated and away from metal objects.
  • Keep your rubber clean, rinsing in lukewarm water, and drying thoroughly before storage (large black plastic bin liners are ideal).
  • Before wearing use talc or a water based lubricant on the inside
  • For a shiny look avoid silicon based sprays and cleaners, and us any polish sparingly
  • Do not use any kind of oil based lubricants
  • Pay attention not to pinch the rubber with finger nails, piercings, teeth and avoid contact with any sharp material that may pierce the rubber.