Rubbermen and Artisans since 1989 

Prime quality Rubber Fetish wear.

Made to measure and customizable.



We are based in the UK – design and manufacture ‘in house’, with an emphasis on ‘Quality’ at a reasonable price. Our goal is ‘customer satisfaction’ and we focus on an adaptive and responsive service before and after sales.

Our products aim to meet the highest standards in Comfort, Design, Functionality and Durability, and customer feedback is always welcome.

We are at your service to make all your Wet, Hot Rubber dreams come true. Contact us for any enquiry.


Our Philosophy


This website and all photography work was crafted by HAUS MEIN GOTT  , with the shared idea not to make a simple e-commerce website, but a place where fetish men can come and make their wishes come true. That’s why we don’t have a cart function but an enquiry system.


About the Enquiry System


Most gear websites design their styles and then mass produce it outsourcing the production. Many others will actually just resell premade designs from other suppliers. We at wethot rubber, instead, design and produce handcrafted in house every single piece. It makes a big difference in how we listen to the customer and create something unique every time. That’s why:

  • there is no stock
  • it will take from 1 week to 4 weeks to craft your order
  • we don’t want to have a cart. We prefer you to email us using the “order” or “enquiry” button, and start a conversation from there
  • we take deep pride in this decision

It is quite a strong choice for us, as it means to reduce the number of customers we can serve, with a significant impact on our business income, but we prefer to keep it this way. It’s the only way you will always be sure you’re relying on a 101, reserved and exclusive service; we believe you and your fetish deserve this treatment, and we hope you agree.


9 Lilac Street; Stockport, GM
P: +44 7766797875; wethotrubber@gmail.com


Twitter: @wethotrubber