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Blindfolds, each Dom and each sub’s friends. Here at WetHot we take bondage very seriously, and we know how much sight deprivation is a strong part in it. We have different stiles of blindfold which can be combined with most of our custom hoods. Choose your style (comfortably padded or flat) and your color, and enjoy your very own, unique hood design.

Flat – detachable – £25.00

Flat – separate strap – £37.00

Padded – detachable – £35.00

Padded – separate strap – £47.00

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Long lasting quality blindfolds for all your sight deprivation needs. Comfortable yet sturdy, we have a wide range of different styles.

Padded or flat?

Our padded blindfolds are widely known for their incredibly comfortable inner soft cuscions, making blindfolds comfortable for extended periods of time (overnight too). Or go with the flat ones for a slick look and a stronger sense of bondage on your eyelids.


Our blindfolds are all detachable, washable and changeable, with options for pin eyes or totally detached from the hood with Straps.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm



Flat, Padded


Closed, Pin Hole


Detachable, Separate w/Strap