From £350.00

The ideal containment for the bondage lover. Read further down in the description how to customize this unique item, that comes by default in .80mm rubber

.90mm £45.00 extra

Tit Flaps or Tit Zips £60.00

Attached Hood £105.00

Locking neck strap £25.00

4 side D rings each side £120.00

It has internal sleeves and front zip. Back zip option available and additional short crotch or ass zip £45.00

Made to measure with many options – please ask us more info for a quotation, our experts will be happy to assist you in the purchase.

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No escape



In between a bodybag and a sleepsack, depending on how you customize it, there’s no going out from this top quality bondage device.

Serious Bondage


A terrifying nightmare for some, a heaven on heart to others. Complete your Dungeon with this serious piece of Bondage hardware.




With many options to customize the functionality and looks of it, you’ll be able to restrain even the tougher of rebels.

More info

The bodybag / sleepsack is one of those items true Rubber Bondage givers and Bondagees truly love. Our completely custom and self designed one comes with so many addons, not one is equal to the other we ship. You can choose between the two heavy rubber weights available, and enjoy a range of colors of your choice. You can choose to have access to your sub’s tits with flaps or with zips, you can have an attached hood to the bodybag (yes, you read right), and also add an inflatable leg divider. Also, you can have up to eight side 2″ D rings (4 for each side), and also add extra security, confinement and squeeze with four 2″ reinforced belts. More: locking neck strap on collar with front D ring, and the bodybag can be ordered with a full back zip and a short front crotch one.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm

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