From £185.00

Our well known DOG HOOD without neck collar £185.00, with locking neck collar £205.00

The standard Hood comes with back zip, detachable muzzle, fixed ears,  fixed front D ring in .65mm rubber or .80mm £15.00 extra. Hoods can be ordered all Black or Black body with colour highlights on muzzle, inner ears and eyes (not shown in pictures).

If you order the Hood with Blindfold or Gag the Hood will have the extra press snaps for those parts on the body of the Hood – otherwise it will not.

Xtra Dog Muzzle – £50.00, Xtra Standard Flat detachable Ears £30.00


If you already own a Dog Hood or you order one, you can get two hoods of two different dog breeds! Check out how on the same base hood you can attach different accessories and choose a BullDog Breed!

Further options:

Detachable ears option £15.00

Pecker Gag £28.00,

Breather (hollow) Gag with tube £35.00,

Inflatable Gag with bulb pump £38.00

Padded Blindfold £35.00,

Padlock for locking collar £4.00,

Made to measure £20.00,

The colour highlights can vary due to variations in rubber colours and browser differences – if you want to match a colour that you have please mention that to us. We use rubber colours from Four D Rubber  –

Please email – to place orders

Download Measurements Chart


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Standard Sizes


Small to fit crown of head 21” (53cm), neck 14.5” (37cm)

Medium to fit crown of head 22” (56cm), neck 15.5” (39cm)

Large to fit crown of head 23” (58cm), neck 16.5” (42cm)

Xtra Large to fit crown of head 24” (61cm), neck 17.5” (44cm)

Care of the Hood

As this Hood has quite a few metal parts – it is not advised to use a polish/cleaner that covers the whole hood – better to use polish sparingly – in a controlled way – keeping it away from metal parts. When cleaning – use a very mild soap in low dilution if needed and it is better to wipe the surface rather than immersing it and it is important to store it completely dry.
See more information in TOS & FAQ

Change the Breed!

Check how by adding a few accessories to your buy you can easily get two different hoods, for two different breeds! We are proud to announce the parts to turn your Dog Hood into a BullDog Hood! Check it out


Please fill in the options and press the ‘Red Button’ – you can then use the text box to give further information of options, colours and add-ons that you would like and please include your location so that I can give you a quote for the total of your order including shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 29 × 8 cm

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Rubber Weight


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