From £20.00

Flat cover – detachable £20.00

Flat cover – separate strap £32.00

Pecker – detachable – £28.00

Pecker – separate strap – £40.00

Breather with tube – detachable – £35.00

Breather with tube – separate strap – £47.00

Inflatable – detachable – £38.00

Inflatable – separate strap £50.00

note – mouth pieces are all black

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Make him Gag!

We created a variety of sleazy Gags to fit on all of our hoods, with a nasty edge for all of your different desires. A pecker gag to keep your sub with a wonderful and familiar constant mouthful sensation, a breather gag to enhance your breath control play needs, an inflatable gag for all of you who want to really stretch open those mouth, and a classic flat gag. All of our gags are detachable and washable, with snaps or straps, and can come in different colors.

it’s a mouthfull

Mouths are great sexual organs, but what if they’re not busy on body parts or gear? They should stay open, stay filled and stay wet. And hot.

Inflate / Breathe

With many different styles, our Gags feature a breather Gag for those of you with breath control fantasies, and an inflatable gag to keep the mouth full and avoid useless talking.

Make them play.

The pecker Gag gives you more play possibilities making the boys play together between themselves, as you enjoy the view. As usual, our accessories are detachable and separately washable.

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Detachable, Separate w/Strap


Breather, Flat Mouth, Inflatable, Pecker