Deluxe Puppy Paws

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Get better comfort with the internal padding with double rubber layering, and a strong wrist strap with buckle and D rings, for extended bondage possibilities.

Deluxe puppy paws are also more comfortable to slide in, as they feature a zipper in the internal part of the paw, granting you the best comfort and dressing aid.

They can be ordered with your choice of colour Paw Pads.

Colours -Red, Yellow, White, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Dark Brown, Silver, Grey, Orange, Vibrant Green, Purple

Standard price for 10″ (25cm) length or £10.00 extra for 14″(36cm) length.

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A Treat!



With the added comfort of internal padding, slide-in zipper and metal buckle, these are the best pup mittens in store.

Hood and paws


These paws are the perfect complement to our Dog Hood. Match the colors of your hood, or be a rainbow pup!




You can decide wether you want a shorter paw style covering half of your forearm, or a more covering one that will ride up to your elbow.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm

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Paws Lenght

10" (26cm), 14" (36cm)